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Welcome to JM COMPANY Czech Republic!

JM COMPANY Czech Republic ranks among the best manufacturing firms engaged in the purchase and subsequent processing of metal scrap. We are one of the leaders in this line of business in the Czech Republic, mainly thanks to years of experience, good management of employees, which are all involved in the company's run, a good marketing strategy and a personal approach to all customers. Due to the continuous training of a team of co-workers and a good financial and asset base, we are able to offer our customers the best services related to the purchase and subsequent processing of metal scrap. All scrap proccesing is enviroment-friedly,  and the main focus lies on utilizing 100% of the scrap, without any residues. One of our goals is to reduce the negative impact of industrial production on the environment.

From its foundation, the company aims from to provide our customers with the best services related to purchasing and subsequent processing of metal scrap. We launched in early 2002 and over the next few years, we've managed to change from small family type business to a large and stable company with a leading place in the domestic market. In this period, we have taken a leading position in the processing of cable waste. During this time we have expanded our operations and gave jobs to sentenced people in a plant, that belonged to one of the first of its kind in the country. We managed to convince the authorities and, last but not least, the management of the correctional facility to let us establish an operation oriented on providing jobs for the sentenced. In service , specializing in the processing of cable waste , we have provided the work of a few tens of convicts , and thus have significantly contributed to the subsequent integration of these prisoners into society when due to our activities incurring new work habits that after their release they may be applied in practice.

Over time our activities began to grow. Thanks to the inflow of new customers from companies involved in manufacturing and assembling of components for the automotive industry in Europe and due to the increase of overall capacity of the waste received from other companies, the existing premises became insufficient. Due to the need of extended capacity and room for new equipment, we proceeded to the next step, which was the purchase of our our facility. It was then rebuilt and adapted, so it could fully meet the new requirements and standards.

In the new facility, a production line for metal scrap processing, sorting and storage centre, and an administrative and social offices are present. In addition, we have started construction of another plant, which is located in the Highlands and due to its strategic position it's focused mainly as a logistics centre for incoming scrap and waste not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Europe. The materials are then distributed from this logistics centre for further processing. Our goals are to continue to provide the best services in the field of metal scrap handling and recycling, to provide our customers the best possible services and lastly to provide 100% reusability of proccessed metal scrap on which we place great emphasis.